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Android may be selling more phones than Apple, but when it comes to selling apps, the App …


    Android may be selling more phones than Apple, but when it comes to selling apps, the App Store dominates, especially in terms of the revenue for developers. It is one of the fastest growing industries as of today with developers having earned more than $20 billion since the App Store started, of which $10 billion was in the last year alone!

    The App Store continues to present a lucrative opportunity for developers, whether you are an Indie developer or working for an App development corporation or studio, there is a lot of money to be made in developing iOS apps.

    This course is a step-by-step introduction to building your own iOS apps. We start from the very basics of iOS and Objective-C (the language that used to write iOS applications) and move on to cover more complex topics. The course is designed keeping in mind the requirements of developing an actual mobile app. The course therefore uses numerous examples and you even get to develop some apps by the end of the course.

    During the course you will discover the various features offered by iOS 8. We will also look into Apple’s swanky new language – Swift and learn how to create apps using it.

    The course is intended to be a primer on which you could build a successful career in iOS application development in Pondicherry.


    Who is this course for?

    • Beginners in programming who wish to develop iOS apps. The course starts from the very basics.
    • Seasoned developers who want to add iOS development to their skill-set and benefit from the App Store opportunity
    • Anyone in Pondicherry interested in publishing their own iOS app or game
    • Android, web or other platform developers who wish to join the iOS band wagon!


    Course Highlights

    • Basics of programming – how to translate your thoughts and ideas into code
    • Comprehensive coverage of iOS technologies and the tools available to developers:
      • Using XCode and the Interface Builder
      • Views and Navigation
      • Handling input from users
      • Introduction to Objective-C and Swift
      • Working with various iOS constructs – Variables, Strings, Arrays, Tables, Views
      • Storing user data
      • Working with Images, Video and Sounds
      • Working with sensors
      • Working with GPS and Maps
      • Networking, Core Data Framework, Working with JSON and XML
      • Introduction to Games and Sprite Kit
    • Focus on building apps – example driven course to strengthen development skills
    • Learn to program Objective-C and Swift to build apps quickly, with minimum effort
    • Learn how to build universal apps that work on both iPhones and iPads
    • Introduction to App Store and how to get your app published

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    • 1 month
    • 10 SEATS
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