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We are a team of passionate mobile app developers, designers and entrepreneurs (appreneurs) based in Pondicherry. We are excited to share our knowledge, love and experience of the industry and eager to teach, learn and experiment with trending technologies.
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To share current and cutting edge mobile development technologies with our students in a fun and interactive environment. Our teaching methods are easy to understand and are carefully crafted to lay a strong foundation and stimulate the curiosity of our students.

We believe that we can focus better on individual growth and nurturing of the progress of the students when we have small groups. We therefore never have more than 10 students in a batch. The progress of each student is monitored and appropriate time is allocated for each and every individual to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from our courses.

"Cut out the noise" is our teaching philosophy and we maintain this in each and every course. We focus on practical usage of technology in real-world environment and not on just theoretical or bookish knowledge. Our world-class course material has been personally designed by the trainers and is accompanied by several examples and exercises.

We are developers that make awesome and cool apps/games and we are always in need of passionate talent that can help us build the next top app. This is great news for you - deserving students may have the opportunity to join our team and become part of our development family. 




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Raul Amoros [ Mobile Marketer ]


Chetan Agarwal [ Mobile Developer ]

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Sowmya K [ Mobile Designer ]


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